Longer lives, longer retirements, new challenges

Americans are living longer. And with those longer lives come longer retirements – which means many investors are worried about having enough for all those years. Others still are overconfident—feeling they are making the right investment decisions, even though their current investments will not yield the income they expect. One the most common obstacles: holding too much cash.

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Cash and Confidence

Many Americans express confidence in their savings and investment decisions—and in their ability to achieve their desired income levels in retirement. However, the income the vast majority of Americans expect is much greater than the amount their current savings and investments will earn them.

The Cost of Living Weighs on Savers

Americans have complicated feelings about their prospects for retirement—confident in their investment decisions, yet worried about the prospect of living comfortably. While many need to increase their savings to meet their retirement goals, they often feel pressure from bills and monthly costs.

Taking Action

It’s crucial for investors to get a better sense of how much their savings will yield in retirement income—and whether their current holdings will get them there.

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