The rise of the digital investor

Technology and Investing
Technology is changing every aspect of our financial lives—from the way we transact to the way we make decisions about how to invest. Americans are quickly adopting technology as an indispensable part of saving, investing and advice consumption with Millennials leading the way. Robo-advisors are a growing part of the landscape; at the same time, investors (including Millennials) retain their desire for professional advice.
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Gen X
Silent Generation

Investing in the Online World

Technology hasn’t just transformed the way we deposit checks and buy or sell stocks—it’s also changing the way Americans analyze their portfolios and seek advice. Americans are increasingly exploring new options like robo-advisors, but also maintaining their desire for guidance from a financial advisor.

Financial Technology Continues to Evolve

From online banking to robo-advisors, financial solutions have moved online. The next big shift is how investing solutions are moving to mobile—with millennials leading the way.

Harnessing Technology

The sheer volume of information available to investors can be intimidating—but technology can help investors hone in on the most important steps to take. By focusing on a few key priorities, investors can harness technology to achieve their financial goals.

Get Your Goals Straight

By using a retirement income calculator like BlackRock’s CoRI™, you can see how to “close the gap.”

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Drown Out the Noise

Use technology and data as a resource, not a burden: don’t get overwhelmed by the noise and remember you’re in it for the long haul.

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Talk to Someone

Use the internet to find the right financial advisor and have a conversation—it can help you focus on your goals.

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